Five Quick Questions with Sara Malakul Lane

Sara Malakul Lane is passionate about acting and is determined to be the best she can be.  She’s also been modeling since an early age and has been on the cover of Marie Claire, on an editorial for Italian Vogue, and most recently on the cover of FHM Thailand.

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Roger Corman’s “Sharktopus” and Jared Cohn’s “12/12/12” are just a couple B Movies that Sara has starred in, and she has several films currently in post-production.


Growing up in Thailand, Sara became accustomed to working hard.  Her success today as an actress and model is a result of that hard work along with her strong ambition.


Five Quick Questions with Sara Malakul Lane

You’re constantly working hard and thriving to be the best.  How much did you learn by working on a Roger Corman film and working with director Jared Cohn?

SARA: I only met Roger Corman at the audition for Sharktopus. He fell asleep half way through my audition so I was pretty sure that I bored him to death and there was no way I was getting the job. So I was pretty shocked when I was offered the role. We shot in Mexico which was an amazing experience, Julie Corman was fantastic. I was really honored to be working with such a Hollywood legend – everyone started with Corman.

I learned a lot from working with Jared and the Asylum. Jared knows exactly what he wants as a director, he is a visual, he sees all the shots in his head. With the Asylum the shooting schedules are very tight; most directors can make a great movie if you have 30 days and a million dollars – the real test is if you can do it in 12 days with a lot less money. As an actor you have to be prepared and fluid, anything can change, there is no time to get flustered.


“Pretty Perfect” was between The Asylum’s “100 Below Zero” and Sean Cain’s “Jurassic Block.”  How is it as an actress switching between drama and sci-fi films?

SARA: I love sci-fi, I have played a scientist twice now and I have a lot of fun with it as its so different from who I am. I was terrible at all science in school so its nice to play pretend and feel smart.  As an actress I am drawn to more dramatic roles, but I think ultimately you prepare for the character – I never think that oh, this is sci-fi so I have to play it a certain way. For me, acting is not genre specific.


Can you take us through your emotions when working on your first couple films?

SARA: My first film was playing Steven Segal ‘s daughter on Belly of the Beast. It all happened so quickly that I had very little time to be nervous. I had auditioned for it twice and never heard back. I remember I was in India doing a fashion shoot when I got the call. I made life long friends on that movie, I still hang out with the LP and his family. The bond you form when on a set is like no other. My second role was “Nature Unleashed Volcano” –  again I had no time, they basically just put me on a plane to Bulgaria and I remember the driver handing me a script to read in the car on the way to the hotel. I was very relieved to see that I was playing a deaf mute, so the dialogue was very little.

How intense was filming the birth scene in “12/12/12”?

SARA:  We shot the birth scenes on the first day. I remember being covered in blood, with my legs spread on the stirrups, feeling a little vulnerable as the DP and other people /actors introduced themselves to me. It was very bizarre. And then it just got tiring. I can’t imagine going through a 14 hour labor. The whole experience definitely made me think twice about having babies.


Any new upcoming projects?

SARA: I just wrapped another Asylum movie with Jared directing. It’s called “Jailbait”, and it’s about an all girls juvenile prison. I play the role of Anna Nix. It was probably the best most intense filming experience I have ever had. Every scene in this movie really pushes the boundaries – its gritty, raw and explicit. We really went all out crazy with this one, which required a lot of bravery from all the cast and the director. We also had a female DP (Laura Beth Love) who was so talented and such a joy to work with. There was true artistry on this movie from everyone involved – the art department, the make up, everything.  Also I had read the script (written by Jared) a year ago so when I found out I got the role I was already very familiar with the story.











B Movie Nation greatly appreciates Sara for taking some time for us.  Expect to see her in many more films in the upcoming years.   Be sure to follow her on Instagram at saramalakul.



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