Some Big Ass Spider Love

Is there a better name for a film about a big ass spider than Big Ass Spider!? We think not! But director Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers) says his self-explanatory creature feature, which hits select cinemas on Oct. 18 and will also be available on VOD, was almost released under a far-less-memorable moniker.

“The producers did not want to call it Big Ass Spider!,” recalls the filmmaker. “But I was very fearful that if we called it Mega Spider or something people would just think, ‘Oh, this is just another monster b-movie.’”

The film stars J.J. Abrams favorite Greg Grunberg (Heroes) as an exterminator who teams up with Lombardo Boyar’s security guard to face off against a tiny scorpion (Only kidding! Yeah, it’s a big ass spider). Boasting decent special effects and a funny-yet-gory vibe, the result is certainly a cut-above your average Syfy creature feature (yes, Sharknado, we’re talking about you). “I made the movie I would want to see when I hear some kind of crazy title,” says Mendez.