Like most holiday tales begin, Frosty is seated at the bar of his favorite establishment, cocktail in “hand,” regaling the regulars with a story of intergalactic consequence. At least that’s how Bobby Ray Akers Jr and Dennis Willman’s “FROSTY: ‘Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse” opens. And after devouring this festive adventure, you may never look at Christmas Eve the same again.

Adults who miss childhood traditions of the season now have a storybook to call their own. In Dead of Night Entertainment and Iron Dead Studios’ holiday-themed tale, the iconic snowman regales patrons of his favorite bar with the story of a massive yuletide invasion by industrious aliens. These invaders have passed judgment on the human race, and seek to exterminate the “offending” species and remodel their entire planet into a trans-galactic resort. A lone human named Eve is held accountable for the shortcomings of her people and forced to bear witness to the apocalypse from the flagship. As she works desperately to challenge perception of humanity to a council of the most powerful leaders in the solar system, a daring elf named Herbie is sent on a dangerous mission to save Eve, and in doing so, save the world.

“FROSTY: ‘Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse” is the first book in the flagship “FROSTY” series, featuring Akers’ freakish snowman as the Master of Ceremonies. Each successive book in the series will give a bizarre twist to a classic holiday theme. In this case, Willman put his spin on the timeless Christmas poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” by Clement Clark Moore.

“FROSTY” is an homage to the great science fiction films and stories of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Taking inspiration from “Mars Attacks” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Akers & Willman create a new and unique look for their multi-media hybrid. One of the unique aspects of this project is that it reads like a storybook, with the introduction and ending in comic book form. As with their previous efforts, a modeling cast was utilized, including film composer Harry Manfredini (“Friday the 13th”) and the “Queen of the B Movies” icon Julie Strain (“Heavy Metal,” “Vampirella”). A full list of modeling cast is available on their website.

FROSTY: ‘Twas The Night Before The Apocalypse is available online now through, and Barnes& worldwide in two cover options.