Quentin Rides Again

In his latest interview with Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show”, director Quentin Tarantino teased details of his next film project.

“I haven’t told anybody this publicly, but I will say the genre: It’s a Western. It’s another Western,” he said. “It’s not a ‘Django’ sequel. I had so much fun doing ‘Django,’ and I love Westerns so much that after I taught myself how to make one, I was like, ‘Let me make another one, now that I know what I’m doing.'”

He also expanded upon his writing process, which involves soaking in his heated pool and letting the inspiration flow in between writing in the morning and all through the night.

“Django Unchained” was last year’s box office smash, which won Tarantino the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, his second in the category since 1995’s “Pulp Fiction,” which he co-wrote. Fans loved his take on the spaghetti western, which was mashed-up with modern music, pop culture references and plenty of kooky, memorable characters while touching on the grim realities of slavery.

While Tarantino also re-wrote history with 2009’s “Inglorious Basterds,” he did not specify whether or not his next project would be another revenge fantasy, although it’s sure to have his signature B-movie style, as he’s a huge fan of the genre.