Joe Hollow’s “The Family”

the family cover

the family cover


“Its hard for a family to stay together when killing is in their blood!”[v=1LOjj4as51s]


The characters, directing, story and editing grab you from the start.   The acting is just psychotic enough to make them truly appear crazy without over acting. Each character brought something special to the film.  Here’s just a few that stood out.  The way they acted as brothers, Mark Hanson and Joe Hollow must be brothers in real life separated at birth. Devanny Pinn, what a whacko role, yet strangely sexy, bravo Devanny!  Angie Savage did an excellent job in her role and was the extra eye candy.  As always, Michael Berryman puts on a good performance.  The entire cast fed off each other and they must have had fun making this film!


christieSome horror films draw out the kills for that extra drama, but “The family” skips the drama and gets right to it. Though, there was one dramatic scene.  Jonathon (Joe Hollow) shares his troubles with Carmen (Angie Savage).  Both Joe and Angie were convincing and Angie showed the right amount of affection to appear genuinely concerned.  That scene ended up being a critical moment, because from that point on the family members become likeable and you root them on.

There were some quality kills with gruesome effects, but some scenes are set up for the audience to use their own imagination.  Tactically, the film shows you up to the last millisecond before a horrific torture or kill, which can be more chilling when your mind visualizes.  If I see anyone using a curling iron, I’m screaming bloody murder and throwing the thing out the window!


There are quite a few artistic scenes.  One being two girls basically giving a guy a lapdance while he’s tied up, then he’s cut, then he’s jerked off (and literally “OFF”), then smashed, aaaaaand CUT.  In the film they’re making a movie, but it’s not done in a found footage style so there’s no talking or yelling at the cameraman to turn it off.[v=lSL3R2Sc1lE]

The films has twists and turns and there’s more than one story going on, which keeps the momentum up and you glued to the screen. Also, if you’re a metal head, you’ll love the soundtrack, there’s heavy metal in the background through a lot of the film.


“The Family” ends leaving it wide open for a sequel and despite their sick minds and killings, they all become likeable in a disturbing way, making an ideal situation for a sequel.

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