Keeping The Canuxploitation Flames Burning, David Lloyd

For some reason the name David Lloyd and screenwriting has developed some bizarre cinematic law of attraction. The American David Lloyd, one of the most prolific TV comedy writers of all time. Lloyd turned out over 150 television scripts, 83 alone for the Emmy-winning series “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Taxi,” “Cheers,” and “Frasier.” He is best know for his classic “CHUCKLES” episode of The Mary Taler More Show.

The Canadian David Lloyd on the other hand keeps waving the proud flag of Canuxploitation hard and fast, bring his word processing and fervent imagination to such projects as as Brett Kelly’s RAIDERS OF THE LOST SHARK (feature) 2014 – , THE HUNT FOR BILLY THE KID , HOMICYCLE and JURASSIC SHARK. He also has begun work on his own feature film BEASTS to be produced by Lloyd’s own “The Cousin Company”.

David A. Lloyd was born in Kingston Ontario, but raised in Cobourg aslo home of Norman Jewison, and is the president of The Cousin Company Entertainment Group, a small and feral video production company somewhere in the wilds north of Toronto.

David earned Diploma from Loyalist College in Television Broadcasting, The TSB School of Animation in Computer Animation with Alias/Wavefront. He also has experience with feature film production, cable and satellite television and the school of life.

He was a contributing columnist to Distant Suns – Quarterly. The in-house Magazine of Another World Games & Comics where he wrote, among other things, about the history of Canadian comic book hero Captain Canuck. David was also the head writer/researcher for Antrim House InterActive located in Peterborough, Ontario.

One of David’s Super8mm shorts received positive criticism at The Splice This! Super8 Film Festival. That thrilled him to no end.

His first novel “Green Eyed Burn” is available at sites like Amazon, Chapters, Barns and Noble and others.

Canuxploitation is a film genre that encompasses B-movies made in Canada, especially those produced throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s to take advantage of government tax incentives. Often derided or outright ignored by Canadian critics and cultural historians, these horror, science fiction, comedy, action and exploitation fims present viewers with a film legacy that challenges a traditional understanding of Canadian movies as either languid art films or happy tales of Prairie life.

In a review of Jurassic Shark a reviewer was quoted as saying, “Jurassic Shark will make you EAT YOUR HAMSTER!!! and Out Sharktopus, Sharktopus”

As we said before David Lloyd is waving that flag proudly.

Take a bow Dave.