Will ‘Zombeavers’ Be as Good as ‘Sharknado’?

Last summer, Syfy’s TV-movie Sharknado took Twitter by storm and became one of the most talked about television events for weeks. Sharknado was so popular it was played in theaters around the country (for only one night, but that’s still impressive). So 2014 has is a void to fill with another campy horror flick. Will Zombeavers be that movie?

According to the official synopsis, Zombeavers follows three girls who go on a vacation full of sunbathing, drinking games, and canoodling with boys. However, their fun, carefree vacation turns into a horrorfest when zombie beavers attack. It sounds just as ridiculous as any B-movie horror classic, though the trailer shows a lot of self-referential humor that gives Zombeavers a tongue-in-cheek comedy bend.

Although the trailer was only recently released, there has already been a lot of buzz surrounding Zombeavers and whether it will live up to the new B-horror standards set by Sharknado. From ABC to The Guardian, everyone is wondering what to expect from Zombeavers.

Hopefully, Zombeavers will be able to meld comedy and horror in a way that’s more intentional than Sharknado – perhaps following more in the footsteps of Snakes on a Plane. Plus, the production team boasts experience from Cabin Fever, We’re the Millers, The Hangover, and American Pie, which bodes well for the flick.

Though it may not take over Twitter in the same way as Sharknado, Zombeavers definitely seems to be catering toward social media’s new love of B-movie horror comedies. At the very least, the production values will be better (no horrible CGI sharks flying in the sky), and the jokes will be raunchier since it won’t be hindered by television standards.