The Rise Of Bleeding Skull Video

Retro entertainment and technology is making a comeback, and a group of Austin-based entrepreneurs are right in the mix with a fresh VHS horror film distribution company, according to reports.

Austin 360 reports that former Alamo Drafthouse programmer Zack Carlson and current Alamo Drafthouse programmer Joseph Ziemba are forming Bleeding Skull Video. The company’s goal is to give campy, obscure B-movie horror films from the 1980s and ’90s their day in the sun on the only medium truly suited to the genre: VHS cassette tapes.

According to horror-film blog Shock Till You Drop, Bleeding Skull Video’s first VHS release will be “Cards of Death” from 1986. Dubbing it the “holy grail of slasher films,” the blog notes that the all-but-forgotten, American-produced film was only officially released in Japan.

Fellow slash-horror blog A Slash Above said Cards of Death was “the most obscure eighties horror film on the planet” and was also “riddled with flaws that make it uncomfortable to watch.”

The venture is being supported by Mondo, an Austin-based poster and T-shirt company with ties to the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain, which is based in Austin.