Lack of Cockery


Director, Writer, and Actor Josh Mitchell’s latest film Lack of Cockery is due out next month.  Josh again will star in his film along with rising actress Alethea Sholomenko and actor Mike Maolucci.  Also starring in the film is the talented Dan Sutter who has been in numerous features and shorts.

Your Not Jaysin

Lack of Cockery
“A venture capitalist enlists a desperate indie singer to engage in a life swap with him. But when an unexpected female guest shows up at his door, he is forced to question his perspective on identity and love.”

Written and Directed by Josh Mitchell
Starring Josh Mitchell, Alethea Sholomenko, Mike Maolucci
Produced by Alex Helisek, Joe Newkirk, and Lisa Carroll Reece
Executive Produced by Scott Young and W.M. Young
Shot by Domenico Grasso
Edited by Chris Kaiser
Original Composing by Cory Pershbacher
Featuring tracks by Tristan Rudat, Aldous Collins, and Shawn Jermaine


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Josh also brought us Helen Keller Had a Pit Bull staring Josh and Celine Wallace. It also stars Mindy Robinson a B Movie Nation favorite.

For more information about Josh and his project and if you want to see Lack of Cockery at your local film fest or interested in distributing the film please contact Josh through his website.


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