Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)

First off, I saw the remake first and only after I found that there is an original. The remake is mediocre. The original is nothing special either, but at least it’s better than the remake.

For anyone who have seen the remake first, the original’s plot is familiar but there are many differences. One of the many differences spotted is the total number of stolen cars which is 48 in this version instead of 50.

Like the remake, the original is worth for the cars, not for the plot, cast or the acting by the actors. The cars are the real stars, but the original triumphs by having a lot more nice cars.

On one hand, this movie is recommendable for car lovers, but on the other hand it may hurt their sensibility because of the brutal treatment given to the cars. I am a car person myself and it’s unbearable to see the cars being treated like that, such as the Dodge Challenger which is reduced to dust, the beautiful Cadillac that gets burned and the poor “Eleanor” which is so badly wrecked. And still, despite all the abuse it is victim of, “Eleanor” never once shows the slightest sign of fatigue and just keeps running and running. This testifies how strong “she” is. No modern car could take half the abuse “she” does.

The “Eleanor” chase sequence is the longest car chase I’ve ever seen in a movie: it lasts as far as 34 minutes.

The car violence isn’t just “fiction”, it is actually very realistic. More cars than anyone can imagine were destroyed and badly wrecked and there were real accidents and people got hurt. They did many dangerous things. Such is the violence that in a scene a garbage truck overturns the moment when two police cars smash into its side.

H.B. Halicki, also known as “The Car Crash King”, was greatly involved in this film, not only because he portrays (well) the expert car thief Maindrian Pace but also because he wrote, produced and directed this.

There is a lot of adrenaline, yes, but at the cost of safety and brutal treatment given to the cars. There are many beautiful and exotic cars and it’s terrible to see such a waste of so many fine cars.

The story in this version is harder to understand than in the remake. The best part is the “Eleanor” chase (despite everything) but even that sequence is often interrupted by lame and unnecessary scenes. The rest of the movie has some good moments but some are quite lame too