3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt (1964)

Tommy Noonan at least makes a better creative and funnier writer than he does as an actor. The problem with 3 NUTS IN SEARCH OF A BOLT is that it doesn’t go far enough. By that comment, I am not referring to the obvious digs at the psychiatry profession, which this movie accomplishes with the greatest of ease. There is also a few digs about movies, where the ideas come from to make them and how they get made. The problem is these digs are half-hearted and don’t go far enough. Also, the sex and nudity quotient is just not there and it needed to be. The movie is even tame by the sex standards that were around when it was made! And that’s what I meant by the movie just doesn’t go far enough. If the film had the audacity to be an out-and-out sex film first and a good spoof of psychiatry second, this movie could have put Tommy Noonan right up there alongside Russ Meyer as a great director of sex films. As it stands, this movie doesn’t even come close to even the worst of Russ Meyer’s films. The funniest scene in the picture is the bar robbery scene where it seems that a lot of ad-libbing was going on or seemed to be and that made this particular scene a standout.