Raptor Island (2004)

Very entertaining and fast paced. Very Claustrophobic and if not realistic exactly, with a great deal of awareness that those situations are prone to happen, specially nowadays, with all the terrorism and plane crashes going on.

Actually, I consider Rene Cardona the main figure of this so called genre. I don’t know, but all the disaster movies I’ve seen made after he made his, seem to me like rip offs. They all pick on the same scenarios and the guidelines are essentially the same. It even has the same “message” as almost every other disaster movie, as that is always team work the only thing that can save those involved from their distresses. There always has to be the sacrifice factor, very dramatic ( which, in the case of this movie * Spoiler* is a dog which is used for, uh…certain kind of perishable supply). I think that Renee Cardona, like Ruggero Deodato with Cannibal Holocaust, or Wes Craven with Last House on the Left, set real bold standards towards a more realistic approach for cinema art, which little by little made the public more aware that certain things could happen, and where criticized without a future view as sensationalist trash. Even though Cardona is mexican, the saga of “disaster” movies he made were mostly italian-mexican coproductions. This one features music by Riz Ortolani, which is excellent, somehow resembling that on ” Crash” David Cronenberg’s movie.

I recommend everybody this movie, and ” Los Sobrevivientes de los andes” ( which Disney ripped off as “Alive” in a depressing way), along with ” Traficantes de P├ínico” and ” Carlos el Terrorista” (both about terrorism, the second one being a movie without dialogue, very “sui generis”). there’s a non disaster movie from him not included in this database’s index for this director called ” Los placeres ocultos” in which I’d like to have more details; for what a saw in the trailer some years ago, looks very disturbing but still good for those willing to sit through.