Teenagers from Outer Space (1959)

Aliens land on Earth to determine whether or not the planet is suitable for raising their Gargons (a creature raised by the aliens for consumption). It seems that these Gargons are quite ferocious and as big as a house when fully grown. Therefore, they require their own planet. But releasing the Gargons on Earth will wipe out all of humanity. One alien, Derek (David Love), has second thoughts about killing the inhabitants of Earth. He leaves the group to warn the citizens of Earth. What he doesn’t know, however, is that one of the other aliens has been sent to stop him.

– While I’ve seen worse, Teenagers from Outer Space is really not a very good movie. Most of the acting is terrible and the dialogue is even worse. The “teenagers” mentioned in the title appear to be mid-20s to early-30s in age. The flying saucer used by the aliens is about ten feet in diameter, yet can carry 6 or 7 human sized aliens. The Gargons are really just lobsters. The full-grown Gargon is a shadow of a lobster projected onto the film to make it look huge. Much of the movie is laughable at best.

– But, Teenagers from Outer Space is not as bad as it could have been. Underneath the cheese is a nice little story just aching to get out. The two leads (David Love and Dawn Bender) do their best. There is a real chemistry between the two that comes through even the most hokey of scenes. Although they might have lacked real talent, they appeared to be trying. So many of these 50s sci-fi films have actors that just appear to be going through the motions.

– The aliens use some sort of hand-held death ray weapon. And, for this kind of movie, the results are rather gruesome. In a lot of these movies, when someone is shot with a ray gun, they either fall down without a scratch to be seen or just disappear. Not here. When the human (and canine) victims are hit with these ray guns, all tissue disappears leaving only a (obviously plastic) skeleton. It’s not a very pleasant way to go.

– I watched the MST3K version of the movie. As usual, there were a few good laughs to be had. But this is one movie that I’m going to try on its own. I think it deserves to be judged that way.