Dangerous Charter (1962)

Three fishermen discover an abandoned yacht in the middle of the ocean; they board it and discover a dead body. The authorities let them keep the boat guessing that the real owner to be a mysterious criminal who they suspect will try to charter it, which of course does happen and needless to say his intentions are no good.

Dangerous Charter was filmed in 1958 but not released until 1962. I am not too sure why this was but guess it found difficulty in getting a distribution deal. This seems a little unfair as this is a well-paced and pretty suspenseful little thriller. Unlike most sea-based movies it actually looks like it was shot on board the vessel. This authenticity does it some favours and the scenes at sea are very nice. The story itself is quite a routine affair but I did find myself involved with it and was actually bothered by what was happening on-screen. On the whole, this is a more than decent little genre piece.