Slayer (1991)

his movie is about how some boy scouts find some weapons in a house in the forest.And they take them out side so they can take them to the cops to be hero’s.But they decided to hide them outside the house and come back and get them at night.And the bad guys that owned the weapons came to the house to get them but they are gone and they do not know who took them.But the bad guys find a map on the floor of the house that one of the scouts dropped and the scouts camp is marked on the map.So the bad guys went to the camp to find out where there weapons are and then they start to kill the scouts and the scouts leaders.And some scouts manage to escape including the scouts who hid the weapons.Now the scouts have to escape the bad guys by trying to find there way out of the forest and get help.

Before i rented this movie i thought that this movie would be OK but it turned out to be a fun,action packed,never boring movie and i really enjoyed watching it so much.I am not sure if this movie is out on DVD yet but i think that it would come out on DVD soon enough.And i am going to bye it if see it on DVD and you should bye this movie it would make a great addition to your DVD collection.

Over all this movie is really good and Corey Feldman is so great in this movie and if u liked him in this movie you should watch him in this movie The Goonies (1985)