Movie Manners

Manners At The Movies

It went to a screening yesterday, (a full house of 625) of the emerging classic Christmas film ELF. In observing the audience it became more than apparent that many folks have forgotten how to behave in a movie theatre. especially teenage girls who seem to be pre-occupied with the small screen of the cell phone. It seem’s rather silly since there is an amazing 35 foot glowing image right in front of you.

Here are simple rules your audiences should re-acquaint themselves with.

1) Don’t talk loudly in the theater. This one is a given, do we really need to keep bringing it up? I have no interest in hearing what procedure Aunt Tipsy has had or whether or not you should have bought that dress……no interest.
2) Cellphones on vibrate. Again people. OBVIOUS STUFF. If you want to text in the theater, then I am willing to let it slide. You cannot take phone calls though. ESPECIALLY NOT IF YOU HAVE A CUSTOM RINGTONE, nothing ruins drama like a perky ringtone of Do it Too Me One More Time by Brittany Spears.
3) Be at least slightly educated about the film you are about to see so that you do not annoy your viewing partner. If you go to a foreign film do not be annoyed if there are subtitles.
4) Don’t be a compulsive aisle traveller. You have to pee? Your kid has to pee? You have to get more soda? You have to get popcorn? That’s nice. Do it in one trip out of consideration for your compatriots in the aisle. Anymore that two trips means either your a dope or it’s time to get yopur prostrate checked out.
5) Putting your feet up on the seat in front of you is never acceptable. Never Ever Ever…got it
6) Do not pre-spoil things for people. No spoilers okay people , if you have seen the picture thats great and thank you, but a theatre is a no spoiler zone
7) Use the correct cupholder. Your cupholder is the one to your left.
8) Sleeping is okay if you are not liking the movie, but snoring is not.
9) Don’t kick the seat of people in front of you. They will a some point kick you back
10) If you are sick, don’t go to the movie theater. Do not sit and expell your germs around you . Here are my tips 1) Go to bed. 2) go to bed. 3) Get some vaccinations or something . Bottomline think of the other guy