Zombeavers (2014)

This movie pretty much delivers on its promise; anybody who watches something with THIS title expecting serious genre fare is sorely misguided. As this kind of cheesy, self-spoofing entertainment goes, it’s actually pretty funny, enough of the time to make it a pleasant viewing.

The characters are pretty standard issue – they’re young, attractive, and horny. The girls are a little more serious minded, and their boyfriends are obnoxious. The script rarely wastes any time; once the zombeavers are introduced, the pace is effective. What is nice is seeing old school makeup effects and puppeteering where one would ordinarily see CGI nowadays.

Mary (Rachel Melvin), Zoe (Cortney Palm), and Jenn (Lexi Atkins) are sorority sisters who travel to the country for some R & R, and they’re soon followed by their boyfriends Sam (Hutch Dano), Tommy (Jake Weary), and Buck (Peter Gilroy). They begin to be attacked over and over by mutated zombie beavers, who were made that way thanks to a runaway barrel of chemicals.

That’s all the plot you need to know for this amiable nonsense, which the cast is able to perform with the straightest of faces. That helps the most when it comes to the movies’ most memorable line of dialogue:

“We can’t turn against each other. That’s just what the beavers would want.”

The characters are annoying at first, but soon become more endearing. Adding to the fun are Rex Linn as a friendly hunter named Smyth and Brent Briscoe as area local Winston Gregorson. Palm supplies T & A for interested viewers by baring her breasts.

Perhaps the most delicious twist occurs just before the one hour mark. This viewer certainly chuckled in appreciation. A brief assortment of outtakes run before the end credits; for those who stick it out through those end credits (which are accompanied by an uproarious Sinatra-imitation theme song), they’ll be rewarded with a hilariously groan inducing coda.