Blonde Bait (1956)

The US State Department gets wind that master Soviet spy Rick Randell, Jim Davis, is having an affair with singer-dancer-stripper Angela Booth,Beverly Michaels, and plans to use her to have him tracked down before he does any more damage to his country the USA as well as the Free World. With Randell planning to meet Angela on New Years Eve at the Oxhead Inn outside of London she gets sideswiped when in a fit of anger she smashed her agent Julian Lord, Ralph Michael, face in with a mirror when he refused to let her out of her contract and then tries to assault her. Ending up in prison for six months on an assault conviction all that Angela has on her mind is to escape and get married to that “Hunk” of a guy Randell before she can finish her sentence.

What is soon planned by the US State Department and Scotland Yard in having Angela allowed to escape so she can lead them to Randell so they can make the pinch on him for treason against the USA. It’s Angela by being left out in the cold to what her lover is really up to goes along with the escape plan secretly set up by Scotland Yard being engineered by in house stollie and fellow prisoner Granny Rafferty, Thora Hird, who’s only in it, the escape, for the fun & excitement and nothing else.

Crashing of the the womens prison together with Granny and fellow prisoner Margurite, April Olrich, and her six month old baby who was born to her behind bars Angela, after a number of wild and crazy incidents with the police, finally makes it to the Oxhead Inn only to find it bordered up and out of business. Lucky for her as well as Scotland Yard & the US State Department Nick Randell, obviously drunk from celebrating the New Year, shows up staggering out of the woods as well. Not expecting Angela to show up at all Randell loses his cool, in suspecting that she set him up, and starts to slap her around showing her what a heel as well as traitor to his country he really is. With US Secret Agent Kent Forster, Richard Travis, hiding in the nearby bushes Randell ends up shooting it out with him only to be the one who ends up getting shot!