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The Asylum’s FORTUNE COOKIE is an exciting thriller, horror, and action film that’s about an ancient deadly folklore/curse to life in modern times.


FORTUNE COOKIE writer and director Rob Pallatina has worked on over 40 internationally distributed features mostly editing, from independent genre films to TV movies for Syfy, Fuse, ION, Lifetime and Animal Planet.When given the opportunity by The Asylum to write and direct the film he began his extensive research as he shares, “I developed the script after being offered an already greenlit feature project from The Asylum, a production company that I frequently work with. I researched Chinese folklore to intertwine real mythology into a modern day supernatural thriller and wanted to create a common threat for the characters, which was unpredictable and unstoppable.”


In the opening scene the settings, costumes, and sound effects do an excellent job bringing the Chinese culture to life and introducing the curse.  Shortly after,a group of friends in Los Angeles meet in a Chinese restaurant.  Unknowingly and unintentionally they carry out a sequence of events that brings the curse upon them.  The curse goes into action before they even pay for the check, as one of the characters is taken out at the table.  Little do the rest know that certain death awaits them.


Each character was well written as they are all uniquely different and each actor does a good job bringing their characters to life.   The conflict consistently escalates keeping the audience engrossed.  As the story and characters develop, the tension mounts as each individual fights for their life narrowly escaping death, or not.


There is hope and possibly a way to break the curse, but it may be too late for them. A previous survivor of the curse may be able to help, but it’s not going to be an easy task.  All the friends need to help, but several of them are very skeptical and refuse to believe they’re all cursed.  Panic, disbelief, and fear, have the characters scrambling in different directions which makes it extremely difficult to accomplish the mission to break the curse.  The film keeps the audiences engaged throughout and some of the best and most intense scenes occur at the climax.


FORTUNE COOKIE was Pallatina’s directing debut for a feature film and it was a successful one!   With all his years of experience he knew what it would take with a tight budget and short filming schedule.  “We shot the movie in 12 days. Time was very tight, but I felt I had a solid vision for the movie during productrion and was continually developing new ideas through to the edit bay. Working with James Hong was a dream come true after growing up, watching him in the 80s & 90s, I instantly became a massive fan! And he’s still got it :)”


For an entertaining, fun, and suspenseful film with creative quality kill scenes, check out FORTUNE COOKIE!  For more information visit The Asylum’s website.