The Wild, Wild Planet (1966)

Like Plan Nine From Outer Space (which is only slightly worse), Wild Wild Planet is an absolute must-see if only for the unintentional laughs and the I-Can’t-Believe-This-Got-Released reaction. The “City of the Future” set is so obviously a model that it took me a while to realize they were trying to fool me into thinking it was a city. The star troopers patrol the city in a flying saucer dangling from a string. Instead of “nit-wit”, the insult of choice is “helium head.” And the scene that actually made me laugh out loud…when the star troopers get to the planet Doofus…er, Delphus, they are given a tour of the facility, which includes a “space conditioning” room. In it, there are these rotating “steam boxes” with men in them, only their heads are visible, and they slowly go around and around like some goofy little carnival ride. I split a gut! And then there’s the Proteo Theatre, which features a gay production of Madame Butterfly or something, set to music by the Ventures…oh, yes, friends, this is a hoot. Grab some popcorn and a glass of Saurian Brandy, and drink a toast to the way we thought things were going to be now, back in the 60’s.