Chariots of the Gods (1970)

Like every single person who has seen this film, I share the love for the abnormal, the strange, the unknown. With the main issue focusing on Alien assistance, the movie certainly is intriguing. From topics of the Pyramids to the giant statues on Easter Island, the film covers topics that are truly mind-boggling. Ancient paintings that seem to detail visits from Aliens, huge blocks of rocks that weigh tons and tons are moved great distances….how? Even with today’s technology some of the feats are impossible or just astronomically time-consuming. But back then, these feats were done in amazing time for their current tools/technology. Like I said, the movie focuses on these conundrums more than anything else, and it’s just really damn fascinating. But, and there’s a big butt, the movie is also slightly boring. With a pretty boring narrator and long drawn out shots that just go on for too long. This is not always the case, obviously, and the shots are also pretty amazing, when they show how gigantic these man-made marvels actually are. Chariots of the Gods is without a doubt worthy documentary to check out. It’s undeniably interesting and important. Just a tad boring once in a while.