Atom Age Vampire (1960)

When the opening credits end on ATOM AGE VAMPIRE, there is a sloppy jump cut to the opening scene (A bathrobe clad showgirl returning to her dressing room) This tells us the film has been heavily censored. This is an Italian film, being released here in the states. When somebody opens their mouth, horrific dubbing, best suited for a bad porno film, takes over the scene. The showgirl (the strangely beautiful Susanne Loret. She has this hard look to her face. With her blonde peek-a-boo hairdo, she resembles a crazed Veronica Lake) survives an auto accident that scars her face. In a last ditch effort, she goes to a mad doctor, who makes good on his promise on restoring her face. You can probably figure out what happens in this somewhat predictable sci-fi offering. The one thing that shines thru the censoring and dubbing is this movie moves at a rapid pace. It should be re-made with the same haunting and disturbing qualities.