Orgy of the Dead (1965)

Terrible movie that was “written” (you mean there was actually a script to this??) by Edward D. Wood Jr. though he didn’t direct it. You could have fooled me, as the incompetence of Stephen C. Apostolof is just as bad – or maybe worse! There’s nothing that happens in this film after a man and woman driving in a car have an opening scene crash. They subsequently become captives of an “emperor” (the nutty Criswell, wearing the actual Dracula cape that Bela Lugosi donned for ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN) and his female vamp assistant (who looks a lot like TV hostess Elvira). They tie their two victims to stakes and they’re forced (as we are) to watch a bevy of topless women individually introduced to do all sorts of long and ultimately boring solo dances. Some of them are less sleep-inducing than others (the cat woman was okay), but they all drone on too much amidst an atmosphere of gloomy fog which often obstructs our view of the best parts anyway. What’s unintentionally funny are the occasional inserts of Criswell watching from the sidelines and making lame expressions when he’s not obviously reading from cue cards. He’s also got at least one funny politically incorrect line which he says to his male captor: “Nobody wants to see a man’s ass!” (Heh Heh Heh). Things get even more ridiculous when The Wolf Man and The Mummy (two guys in cheap Halloween costumes) drop by to watch the festivities.