The Vengeance of She (1968)

A young drop dead gorgeous blond woman named Carol(played by Olinka Berova-real name Olga Schoberová) is drawn to the lost city of Kuma and King Killikrates believing herself to be the reincarnation of the long dead queen goddess of Kuma–Ayesha(she who must be obeyed).

This is hardly a great film epic and doesn’t compare favorably with SHE(1965)–the film which this one is meant as a sequel too. But aside from all of that I did find this film to be an entertaining and enjoyable ride. It managed to hold my interest even though some of it is quite simple, cheesy and silly. Nonetheless I did enjoy it.

Now if you approach it expecting a film at the same level as SHE(1965), then you will be disappointed. This film lacks the star power and depth of story that SHE(1965) had. Here we have a number of relatively unknown actors although John Richardson does return in his role.