Dark Shadows

In a surprising move, Warner Bros. has released a slew of videos from the upcoming movie ‘Dark Shadows.’

With almost 10 minutes worth of clips from the movie, one would have to give second thoughts about the marketing strategy the studio is doing for the Johnny Depp movie. Previous trailers and TV spots have emphasized the humor in the film but some of the clips seem to lean towards darker tones slightly reminiscent of the 1960’s soap opera.

Also released were interview clips with Johnny Depp, Chloe Moretz, and Helena Bonham Carter and a 7 minute video of b-roll film. The b-roll has some great behind the scenes footages of Burton directing the cast, a pyrotechnic scene and various footage of scenes featuring Michelle Pfeiffer’s character.

It’s hard to say whether the release of all this material is a way to placate ‘Dark Shadows’ fans from thinking Burton’s reboot is an out and out comedy as initial marketing seems to have pointed to. Obviously from these new released clips, the movie actually is darker than the trailers have indicated.

Regardless, has this abundant release of videos changed your mind about seeing the movie?