SheBorg (2016)

It’s been a while that i’ve been this hyped for a movie to be released, even pre-ordered the dvd – a folly i usually stay away from. all starts promising, with a psyched-out scene in a spaceship. there are whacky humanoid aliens with a captured hot cyborg (the sheborg from the title) who is about to get executed. well if she would have, the film had ended pretty quickly. she somehow gets to earth, and then there are an annoying heroine, some puppies and mediocre – and way too little! – gore and blood scenes.

it surely is better than the rollerderby flick, also made by armstrong, but it lacks in the aspects you came for: brutality, nudity and a spacy score. the soundtrack is 100% punkrock stuff and if you don’t like or even tolerate this, you will have a hard time.