Mama’s Dirty Girls (1974)

Mama’s Dirty Girls is a gritty little seventies thriller, which reminded me a lot of 1974’s other mother and daughter seducing men flick, Big Bad Mama; only with less humour. Typically, the production values are not very good and the film doesn’t have a great deal of credibility when judged against serious films. However, like many seventies thrillers; Mama’s Dirty Girls makes for a fun watch and while things like the acting aren’t up to much; it’s not important as nobody goes into a film like this expecting great acting and there’s more than enough in the way of sleaze and nudity to make up for it. The plot focuses on ‘Mama’ and her three daughters. Mama marries men with money and then sets up situations that end with their death, leaving her to inherit the fortune. Naturally, she decides to teach her daughters to do the same thing and the four of them move to a new town. There, Mama meets Harold; a rich man whose wife died under questionable circumstances. Mama marries him, but he doesn’t play along with her plans for him to go the same way as her previous husbands.

The film begins with a scenario in which Mama’s current husband plays away with one of the daughters and ends up “committing suicide”. It’s not great or all that well put together, but it sets the film up nicely; and actually ends up being one of the best parts. While the film is mostly fun throughout, there are times when the plot isn’t entirely interesting and this does bring the whole piece down a bit. At just eighty minutes, Mama’s Dirty Girls doesn’t really have time to get too boring, however, and I’m sure most viewers won’t have much of a problem with the ‘downtime’. The girls don’t particularly impress with their performances, but they do well in other ways. The film features a fair bit of nudity, which is always welcome in films like this (and, films not like this) and the girls look nice too, which is a bonus. There’s a fair bit of violence too; though nothing too shocking. It all boils down to a suitably downbeat conclusion which sees the lead characters pretty much get what they deserve!