1,000 Convicts and a Woman (1971)

American actress Alexandra Hay plays a spoiled, nymphomaniacal British girl, ironically named “Angela”, who returns from four years of boarding school in Boston (which might explain why her accent keeps shifting from British to American)to stay with father at progressive prison at which he is the warden. She mercilessly teases both the inmates and prison employees by flouncing around in short miniskirts and tight pants until one of the sex offenders attacks her. Even then though she doesn’t learn her lesson, but actually seduces a guard and a black convict and becomes involved in an attempted prison break.

This British movie, originally called “Fun and Games”, was released in America under the the misleading title “1000 Convicts and a Woman” and with tagline “Black men! White men! Every man!”. Actually though, there are nowhere near 1,000 inmates at this prison and only one of them is actually black. The convicts also don’t seem very hardened (at least until Angela shows up!). They all wander freely around the prison, and one even works as a chauffeur for Angela’s father. Although her character is completely ridiculous, this is Hay’s show all the way (her dodgy accent notwithstanding). She plays a kind of malicious, teasing minx, reminiscent of the ones British actress Linda Hayden played in movies like “Satan’s Skin” and “Baby Love”. She’s not nearly as talented as Hayden, but she makes up for it somewhat by going way over the top, laughing maniacally or bringing herself to an apparent orgasm while riding her bicycle. She even looks a little like Hayden (but perhaps more of a cross between Mena Suvari and Italian sex bomb Gloria Guida).

This movie has very little violence and only occasional nudity from Hay (most of the sexiness is in her performance). The interracial sex scene was risqué perhaps for the time in Britain, but it’s still pretty tame as sex scenes go. American audiences were probably disappointed by this given the highly exploitative promotional campaign. But if you know what to expect, it’s pretty OK I guess.