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Currently screening at various theatres Starfish is about when a mysterious signal from an unknown dimension summons the end of days, it appears as if only Aubrey is left on earth. Trapped in the apartment of her recently deceased best friend, the only clue she has is a single cassette left behind after her friends death, labeled: “THIS MIXTAPE WILL SAVE THE WORLD.” Thrust into a mystery orchestrated by her friend and stricken with grief, Aubrey begins to piece the clues together, uncovering a series of tapes all with pieces of the mystery signal. Along the way, progress is impeded when monstrous creatures begin to overrun the world and enclose in on her. Aubrey is forced to fight off the encroaching creatures and move beyond her own crippling grief in order to find the remaining tapes. But will completing the signal save the world?

Check out the trailer here: https:// vimeo. com/285992576

About the filmmaker
A.T. White is an award-winning film director and award-winning musician from the UK who spends his time split between there and L.A. He is co-manager of international boutique production house We Are Tessellate, which is currently in various stages of development on an number of feature films, shorts, albums and innovative gaming experiences. Al is also lead host of the entertainment podcast channel ‘We Are Geeks’. His debut feature film, Starfish, is an extremely personal project for him, based upon the external and internal realities of events from the past years of his life. He wrote, directed, produced and scored the film.

Every cent Al makes from Starfish will be donated to Cancer Research. Al is in the midst of developing numerous feature-length projects, including a ‘70s infused elegant slasher film, alternate left field drama Videotape, and the sun-drenched epic franchise Geeks. In addition to his film work, Al is also in a band called Ghostlight, whose music has topped numerous charts and won various awards. They have a new album out in 2018 called Dive Dark.

About Yellow Veil Pictures
Formed in 2018 by Hugues Barbier, Justin Timms, and Joe Yanick, Yellow Veil Pictures is a New York City and Los Angeles-based worldwide film sales company. Focusing exclusively on boundary pushing genre cinema, Yellow Veil seeks to highlight emerging filmmakers who exist on the cusp of commercial, arthouse cinema, while maintaining a unique focus on festival strategy and production and packaging.

Launching out of the 2018 Frontières market at the 2018 Fantasia International Film Festival, with Tilman Singer’s debut LUZ. Yellow Veil have since worked on debuts from Josh Lobo (I TRAPPED THE DEVIL), A.T. White (STARFISH), as well as boarding films by Rob Grant (HARPOON) and Joel Potrykus (RELAXER). In addition, Yellow Veil are packaging Sam Marine and Michael Borowiec’s second feature, DESERT WITCH, and act as the festival agent for Jenn Wexler’s THE RANGER and Sonia Escolano’s HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS.

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About Cinepunx
Cinepunx is a Philadelphia-based podcasting network and entertainment collective providing innovative cultural coverage and critique with a subcultural perspective for five years and counting.


Starfish will be screening in Philadelphia March 18th. Keep an eye out for upcoming screenings and release dates.