Voodoo Woman (1957)

Dismal cheapie from AIP that stars a rough-looking Tom Conway as a mad scientist in the jungle using voodoo to turn women into monsters. It’s a mostly dull affair with a few campy moments that are worth some laughs. But these are sadly few and far between. Most of the time it’s just boring. Conway has seen better days. He looks sickly here. But he still (over)acts his pants off, which is appreciated. Marla English makes for a fun bitch; she’s easily the highlight of the movie. Mike Connors is the “hero” who exists just to give the mad scientist’s put-upon wife (Mary Ellen Kay) a stud to walk into the sunset with. The monster suit for the ‘voodoo woman’ is the same as the suit from The She-Creature with some minor changes. She-Creature is a much more fun movie, though. Also the drum beat played throughout sounds a bit like the opening to Sympathy for the Devil.