Classic Vampires

The theme of the vampire is very popular for decades and is refreshed regularly or reinterpreted. With his latest album Dark Shadows also joins cult director Tim Burton in the ranks of the vampire film with one. In order to remain true to his style, he turned the remake of ’60s horror series into a brashly colorful and ironic vampire comedy. But this is not an invention of the Beetlejuice -director. The idea to wrap the evergreen theme of the vampire in a comedic subtext that had already filmmakers before him, and even quite successful. We even picked out two of those horror-comedies, and they faced. On the one hand we have as Dance of the Vampires by Roman Polanski in 1967, on the other Fright Night – Fright Night by Tom Holland in the year 1985. But which movie offers you the perfect blend of horror and comedy? The day you decide on our big question.

Between the two films is indeed a period of 18 years, but they have still so much in common. Both do not take too seriously and make it, the viewers get to in a moment to shudder, and in another laugh. This exclusive mix that makes the two vampire strip something special and gives us a new perspective on the changing bloodsuckers. Over the years, both films were able to build a large fan base and gradually gained cult status. The Dance of the Vampires drew a successful musical based on themselves, Fright Night, a less successful remake with Colin Farrell . Both are signs that its theme is still popular and in demand.

Pro Dance of the Vampires
, the first color film by Roman Polanski may be quite a few pros on its credit side won. As would be the one the wonderfully quirky characters Ambronsius professor ( Jack MacGowran ) and his faithful disciple, Alfred (Polanski) who care about the whole movie for some hilarious situations. In addition, there’s the stunning Sharon Tate , at the sight of everyone in the skin of Count von Krolock ( Ferdy Mayne ) can empathize and want to bite once. Besides the beautiful redhead offer including the romantic snowy landscapes something for the eye. One of the higlights is without question the gay vampire Koukol ( Terry Downes ), who falls for a bit too much in the Alfred agents and thus provides a variety of bizarre situation. Not to despise is the popular Muscial, which drew the vampire comedy by himself and now runs successfully worldwide since 1997.

Pro Fright Night – Fright Night
, the vampire comedy by Tom Holland is mainly due to its ’80s charm points. From the feeling somewhere between Back to the Future and Gremlins – Gremlins manages to Fright Night, draw the viewer immediately under his spell. It is precisely the right mix of horror and comedy, sometimes exciting, sometimes (unintentionally) funny, and above all makes a lot of fun. In addition, the actors play, led by William Ragsdale as Charley and teenager Chris Sarandon as vampire Jerry, very convincingly, and make their charismatic nature of the film up for minor shortcomings. And who really bloody good, may come here, of course, at his expense: In good 80s-style trash the fake blood flows in streams is the only way to be vampire bat puppet pulverized and burned.