Space Master X-7 (1958)

Better than it had a right to be! The premise was good, the screenplay was good, even the acting and direction were good. When I was in grammar school, the film was re-released about 1960 and several of my schoolmates kept referring to the “blood rust”, some calling it “blood lust” and telling me about the film, I was jealous! I figured it was some sort of zany shocker but never *sighs* got to see it on the big screen. 2009 rolls around and The Fox Movie Channel runs it and at long last I get to see it……Quite good! I have to admit that I was disappointed only because it was such a literate and well handled film and not something akin to a Corman flick. Paul Frees, one of the most overused voices in H’wood gives an amazingly solid performance as an obsessed scientist. I also like the stock music tracks used as well…I picked up several composers in the mix, not the least was Victor Lazslo. Too slick for it’s own good! As a child I would have been bored, but not now…..