Night Train to Terror (1985)

Night Train To Terror is a genuine modern classic. It’s a three-part horror anthology edited from three movies, two of which were released separately (Cataclysm and The Death Wish Club) and the third of which was never properly finished. It doesn’t make any damn sense, although Richard Moll appears in two segments complete with hair.

The stories are hosted by God (played by “Himself,” really Ferdy Mayne) and Mr. Satan (played by “Lu Cipher,” ha ha indeed) who sit on a train where a terrible breakdancing ’80s band plays the same song over and over again. Highlights include, well pretty much everything. The first segment (the unfinished one) is the most extreme, featuring lots of sadistic violence and gratuitous nudity. The second, The Death Wish Club, is the weakest, although it’s still basically a series of cheesy, fun death scenes. The third segment, Cataclysm, has been punched up with new footage of badly-animated stop motion monsters throwing dolls of the characters around.

Not one of the three stories is coherent, but the whole thing is immensely entertaining for fans of strange bad movies. Sit down with some friends and some kind of intoxicating substance (by which I obviously mean beer or other alcohol, I wouldn’t advise anyone to take anything illegal, no sir) and you’ll have a whale of a time with this one.