Black Devil Doll (2007)

It’s all in good fun… Right? No, I don’t believe it is. What would be the fun in that, anyway? I don’t care who you think you are. I don’t care if you think Combat Shock was hilarious. This new and greatly improved Black Devil Doll will grab your sensibilities by the throat and cut it open, and whatever happens after that is your own damn fault. Black Devil Doll is a half homage, half remake of a mind-numbingly awful pile of Z-grade garbage, from the 80’s, entitled Black Devil Doll From Hell. A film that, over the years, has gained a bit of a reputation as (arguably) the worst in history. And might I add, a film that has been seen by far too few. but apparently, one day, an aspiring director asked himself a very important question. “What if Black Devil Doll From Hell was a masterpiece?”

Sure, with a little tweaking, here and there. Hire some actual actors. Put some actual money into it. Maybe even cut a few minutes off the opening credits. It could actually turn into something. And what this new Black Devil Doll has turned into will cause a laughing/crying fit, which will know no relief until it’s all over. So, a dim-witted chick named Heather messes around with a ouija board, for no particular reason, instantly causing a doll to be possessed by the soul of an executed black-militant (Mubia), who despised white people, and loved raping and slaughtering white women. It’s pretty much love at first sight. Although, it might be a short-lived romance, because one woman ain’t never enough for this guy, but maybe with a little smooth-talk, Mubia can convince Heather to not only let him cheat on her, but maybe even let him rape and slaughter all her friends… As if she has a choice. Only problem now is just getting her out of the house.

What we have here is simply the most offensive, most outrageous comedy of the past decade. Possibly the most offensive movie since Pink Flamingo’s. that’s right, I’m a John Waters fan, a Troma fan, and an LBP fan, and now that I’ve seen Black Devil Doll. I can finally say that I’ve seen it all. Besides the obvious, Black Devil Doll is also a homage to old Blaxploitation, and Exploitation, in general. I suppose what this film is homaging, and what it actually is, is one in the same. Folks, this is a perfect example of modern Exploitation. For more in future cult classics from this past decade, check out Special Dead, and Sick Girl