Wanda, the Wicked Warden (1977)

You have Jess Franco directing and Lina Romay starring, is there a more sure guarantee of a high sleaze content? You just can’t ask for much more.

However, this movie doesn’t approach the pure, unadulterated, in your face sleaze of other Franco/Romay movies, although it tries. It tries hard.

You have Ilsa, the wicked warden, torturing and tormenting the poor female inmates, although to be sure the torture and torment wasn’t very convincing. You get the feeling the actresses might have looked a bit more tormented if Franco had told them they had to take a pay cut. So it goes.

You have Lina Romay, hot as molten steel, running around naked as the day she was born and enjoying it as usual. I have to admire a girl who is so completely dedicated to being naked all the time, in every situation. She is just an unabashed exhibitionist, not even requiring the flimsiest of excuses to remove her clothing. She insists on it! She demands it! It’s probably in her contract somewhere that she gets to spend at least ninety percent of the runtime of any movie naked.

The plot line is the standard Ilsa fare, a wicked woman giving everyone a hard time until she gets her just deserts. Yawn. If you even thought about watching this for the plot then you are in line for a sanity check. This is, as has been said, Class A Euro-Sleaze.

Too bad they don’t make them like this any more.