Bucktown (1975)

Enjoy Bucktown for what it is: a Western stuffed into a Blaxsploitation flick. Think about it, man comes to a small town to bury his brother, he gets people who want to drive him out, he brings in his own people, they get driven out, then they start their own thing. Or perhaps a Blaxsploitation take on Animal Farm, whatever works. At any rate, it is trying to be something a little different than the usual lot of Pimps and Hookers, and, hey, it’s got Fred Williamson, it’s got Pam Grier, it’s got friggin’ Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in a fun supporting role. It’s unabashed fun and quasi-guilt-pleasure stuff, if not very filling as a full dramatic experience, and it ends on a fight that is so long somewhere Roddy Piper and Keith David are like “C’mon, man, wrap it up, man!”