The Sand (2015)

A​ whole bunch of students get together for big beach party where they have to turn in their phones for a Vegas rules party. They don’t want anybody recording something they shouldn’t plus this gives the writer the opportunity to explain why they won’t have their phones later on. You see where kids drag over a hideous pod type thing they find in the water. The morning after the party people wake up to realize everyone who was on the sand is gone. The first movie I thought of when watching this was Blood Beach(1980) which is similar with a hint of Sand Sharks(2011). This one entertains though. The plot may seem ridiculous but you are on the edge of your seat hoping they don’t touch the sand because if any part of your body touches the sand the creature has you. This is where the CGI effects kicked in which sucked but the tension made up for the cheesy computer blood. People would have wondered what’s going on watching them film this because seeing them trying different ways to cross the sand without touching it was funny like using surfboards and inflatable rafts plus the sand would suck them in after chewing for a bit. I mean we see the CGI and spectators wouldn’t. You will enjoy this guilty pleasure but be warned it goes from tense moment to tense moment and try not to let to logic get in the way.