It Follows (2014)

The plot is simple yet interesting. Someone has sex with someone else and an STD monster stalks them. It walks like a Romero-esque zombie but no matter how far you travel, it keeps coming for you. If it touches you, you’re dead. If it kills you, it goes after whoever passed the curse to you. I don’t feel like this is a spoiler because they basically explain it in the first twenty minutes of the film.

I had heard it was good and although it had its flaws, it was pretty cool. Yeah, the parents seem to be absent (so were mine) and yes, the rules are bent slightly here and there but I mean, were you expecting The Godfather? It’s a stupid horror film. If you can believe in an STD monster, your suspension of disbelief should probably allow your brain to fill in the blanks and get passed the glitches of the film. In short, get over it. It’s entertaining and it’s more thought out than anything Michael Bay has pumped out…ever.

I think this is one of the better horror films of the decade (not the best,) considering it’s up against the 15th Saw flick (only the 10th since the villain died,) Paranormal Conjuring Nuns that Purge and all its spin offs and various other PG-13 “scary movies” as well as a countless barrage of remakes and sequels. At least this film is different and had some balls (it’s rated R.) Not great, but worth watching. I still say The Babadook and Get Out are better (along with a few more) but this was better than most recent schlock. Give it a shot.