The Boogey Man (1980)

More like a languid summer day dream. Boring story, limp film making, bad acting…just not much to brag about here.

A young girl witnesses a murder and gets traumatized and her brother goes nuts and an evil spirit has possessed a mirror and…ah who cares? Most viewers won’t even finish it anyways.

Cheap production values do nothing to help a story in dire need of an interesting event…any interesting event. Nothing about the script is put together well; from the dialogue to the plot “twists” it is all amateur stuff.

Acting is on par with the script (ie: it sucks). It is clear why none of these thespians ever moved onto bigger better things. The only noteworthy player is the lead actress, who while not even remotely a good actor is at least quite attractive.

The only positive element in the film (or the opposite if you are a moralist) are the murder scenes. Cheesy though they may be, they are packed with plenty of running crimson and have an unpleasant kind of sadism to them, even including some pointless sexual tones.