Evil Laugh (1986)

There are three types of bad movies: (a) the ones that are so bad they’re boring, (b) the ones that are intentionally bad in order to be funny, and (c) the ones that are so bad they are hilarious. No one wants to watch the first one. The second type has no value since the only reason for watching a bad movie is to laugh at its “badness” and if they do it on purpose, what is the point? So, it leaves us with the third type. If you enjoy this third type of bad movie, you will love Evil Laugh. I’ve seen a lot of unintentionally hilarious movies, and this is one of the best, right up there with Gymkata. The plot is as follows: a bunch of friends meet at a dirty old house. People start getting killed by a masked person with an evil laugh (just wait until you hear the laugh). My favorite scene: the killer drags a guys head into a microwave, but can’t close it since it’s still attached to the body. So he pushes start, and magically the microwave starts working, which is followed by the requisite head explosion. Oh, and then there is the Breakfast Club-like cleaning scene to cheesy 80’s music. See this movie! If you go the video store, I can pretty much guarantee that no one else has checked it out.