She (1965)

Lovely Hammer vehicle about a group of Britishers trying to find fame, fortune, and for one, love in the desert. The three men are Peter Cushing as a professor of archaeology, Bernard Cribbins as his valet, and John Richardson as Leo…the man promised all if he makes the perilous trip through the desert for She. She is an atypical Hammer film. There is not a lot of blood and horror, but plenty of adventure. The film boasts a fine Hammer troupe of wonderful actors. Cushing is exceptional as the professor. Cribbins(a very underrated actor) also shines. Andre Morrell and Christopher Lee also are on hand. Lee has little to really do, however. The male lead Richardson is a bit on the monotonous side, but he does an adequate job. She, the queen of a lost city and people, is played by sex goddess Ursala “Undress” Andress(she keeps her clothes on in this one). Andress probably does give her finest acting performance in this film(it’s okay but don’t get TOO excited!). The settings look very good, very realistic, and the score by veteran Hammer composer James Barnard easily is the best thing about the film. Bernard creates a wonderful variety of music which enhance the action and romance in the film.