Fireback (1983)

Fireback reigns supreme among the delirious no-budget trash cranked out by the Filipino Silver Star Film Company and is arguably the greatest moment in the “career” of company poster boy Teddy Page. There is nothing in this film that could have possibly been made any worse. From the atrocious dubbing, completely nonsensical plot, music that could normally only be heard inside the head of a paranoid schizophrenic…to the catatonic “acting”, Fireback has it all and more.

Richard Harrison walks through the film looking bored and disgusted and is supported by the usual Silver Star All Stars cast, such as the ever-present Mike Monty, James Gaines and Ronnie Patterson. Bruce Baron is on hand as the main baddie…the worst was still to come for him in the shape of the Godfrey Ho Ninja films.

Browsing the IMDb, you’ll come across the term “worst film EVER!!!!” used to describe basically anything from Fried Green Tomatoes to Clockwork Orange. This film is one of the very few genuinely deserving of such honor.