Revenge of the Ninja (1983)

Fresh from the enormous success of Enter The Ninja, Sho Kosugi leaped back onto cinema screens in this rather smashing sequel of sorts (although this time playing the good guy)

After most of his family are brutally slaughtered by an evil ninja sect in his native Japan, Kosugi is persuaded by his friend to come to America and start afresh. Seemingly the good Samaritan, Braden, his friend even sets Kosugi up in business, importing china dolls. However all is not as it initially seems, for far from being altruistic, Braden is in fact utilising the dolls as a means to smuggle heroin into the country and in addition was also the mastermind behind the massacre of Sho’s family!

Add to this some Mafia shenanigans, Braden murdering Sho’s Grandmother and kidnapping his child, it’s small wonder that our man Sho understandably mightily vexed, dons his old ninja togs to kick some buttocks! However, unbeknown to our hero, Raiden himself is also a ninja and thus an inevitable climatic showdown is on the cards!

Seen by many fans as THE quintessential ninja movie, this is admittedly great fun and certainly cements Kosugi as the number one screen ninja.

Whilst certainly not gifted as a classical actor, few icons on screen have captured such an air of silent menace as well as Kosugi does. Simply put, the combination of Kosugi’s looks, his moves and his screen presence have forever immortalised him in the role.