Son Of Blob (1972)

This belated purposefully campy sequel to the ’58 cult sci-fi/horror classic has old gooey being thawed out and going on a voracious feeding frenzy in a sleepy small Southern California town. It’s up to amiable hippie Robert Walker, Jr. and his sweet girlfriend Gwynne Gilford to stop the lethal gelatinous sentient mass of alien goop before it’s too late. Of course, uptight sheriff Richard Webb doesn’t believe a word of their incredible far-fetched story. Directed with oddly engaging incompetence by a clueless Larry Hagman (J.R. on “Dallas”!), with hokey special effects by Tim Baar, a delightfully corny score by Mort Garson, a silly script by Jack Woods and Anthony Harris, rough, unpolished, but still blindingly garish cinematography by Al Hamm, gleefully hammy acting from an appealingly enthusiastic cast, and a lively climactic raid on a bowling alley by the writhing pile of deadly jello, “Beware! the Blob” provides a great deal of infectiously giddy’n’goofy fun. Appearing briefly as blob food are Carol Lynley as a vacuous flower child, Gerrit Graham as an obnoxious party animal, Dick Van Patten as an overzealous cub scout troop master, Godfrey Cambridge as a lazy Alaska pipeline worker, Marlene Clark as Cambridge’s nagging wife, Cindy Williams as a pot-smoking teenager, Shelley Berman as a smarmy barber, Burgess Meredith as a grouchy wino, Hagman as a whiny drunk, and Del Close (Reverend Meeker in the terrific ’88 “The Blob” remake) as a pitchfork-wielding dude with an eyepatch covering his left eye. An entertainingly inane hoot.