The Bloody Judge (1970)

First of all, “Night Of The Blood Monster”, is a stupid and misleading title. “Bloody Judge” is exactly what the excellent Christopher Lee portraits in this big budget (yeah, Jess Franco with money!?!) witch hunting flick. The plot is almost the same as “Mark Of The Devil” and “Witchfinder General”, also from that period. It’s beautifully shot and filled with impressive battle scenes and lots of politics (based on a true story!). If you see the uncut LBX version you’ll get a sleaze-o-rama of torture, nudity, whipping etc. Franco regular Howard Vernon is over-the-top as the chief torturer (made me think of Marty Feldman in “Young Frankenstein”!). Franco and Lee should be proud of this film, think of that when you’re watching Franco-bombs like “Golden Temple Amazons” and “Man Hunter”. Vintage Euro-horror at it’s best!