Galactic Gigolo (1987)

Most people fail to see the charm of this little movie, but I think its just misunderstood. Sure the script is cheesy, the acting overdone, the music B-grade porn and the vegetable suits aren’t fooling anybody (we know there’s humans under that green makeup!) but that is the point. This is a movie about vegetables, made by vegetables, that explores the ultimate vegetable fantasy – having sex with every human woman in town. In order to fully understand things from a vegetable’s point-of-view you must become a vegetable yourself; be it from drink, drugs or days of sleep deprivation.

Need further help achieving the appropriate level of braindeadliness? Check out psycho_sapiens’ Galactic Gigolo drinking game on the message board! Irresistible broccoli, incestuous hasidic rednecks, gangster stooges, gonzo journalists, perverted cameramen, sex and boobies – this movie has everything! 2 thumbs up, just remember to switch your brain off first.