Granny (1999)

On seeing this movie, I didn’t expect much. I was delightfully surprised. Although the writing was unpolished, as some of the dialog seemed drawn-out and contrived, the script did have shining moments. (My favorite line, “Life is like a rich meringue, an-and I’m diabetic, so I can’t enjoy it…”.) The plot was new and refreshing as opposed to some of the newer more “main-stream” horror that most of us are (sadly) growing used to. I do believe some of the scenes could (should) have been longer (and maybe some shorter). The superfluous use of blood was campy but seemed to make sense in the end….Ah, the end. The end would have been a little better if they had explained why what happened, happened. (I don’t wanna spoil it.) It might have also added to the movie time, which is in the area of “it’s only an hour long, how good could it be?” Answer- Quite good