The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966)

Representing the (somewhat fatigued) tail-end of the “Beach Party” saga, minus Frankie and Annette, this haunted house comedy has some style in the live-action cartoon vein, but is hurt overall by an unenthusiastic cast and too much chatter. Sleepy Tommy Kirk and distracted Deborah Walley are involved in the reading of a will in a spooky mansion; Susan Hart is a sexy apparition (wearing a dopey-looking blonde wig for F/X purposes); Boris Karloff saunters through, tossing off droll comic lines in a debonair manner; Harvey Lembeck returns as Eric Von Zipper (although he doesn’t look happy about it); and Nancy Sinatra is one of the teens there for a slumber party (she sings “Geronimo” poolside in the film’s best sequence). Not terribly witty or lively; most of the kids on display are artificially frantic and ‘nutty’, waving their arms about. The movie desperately needs more music and more special effects.