Eve (1968)

Treasure hunter Mike Yates (Robert Walker Jr. , early deceased Robert Walker’s son) sets out in investigate a lost colleague . As Mike looking for his missing partner , who is disappeared in the Amazons , in Brazil , being lost under strange circumstances . Then two pals – Mike and José (José María Caffarel) – go out to find him , undergoing a hazardous voyage to discover clues of their colleague . Then , adventurer Mike stumbles across a gorgeous jungle girl named Eve (Celeste Yarnall) . Soon after , he comes across Eve’s grandfather called Colonel Stuart (Christopher Lee) , who is being swindled by a nasty man (Herbert Lom) and a young girl named Conchita (Rosenda Monteros) who is pretending to be his granddaughter Eve . Colonel Stuart is hoping to find a cache of Incan treasure taken long time ago by the conqueror Francisco De Orellana and lost in the Amazon jungle and he assigns to Mike and José to find it . But the swindlers (Ricardo Diaz , Herbert Lom , Rosenda Monteros) also go after the lost treasure . Meanwhile , Mike Yates attempts to reunite Eve with her grandfather .

This Spanish/British/USA co-production results to be a simple , plain and clean fun . Amusing movie , plenty of action , cat-fights , thrills , colorful cinematography , lush landscapes , adequate score ; all meld together under Jeremy Summers’s mediocre direction . A lighthearted romp for kids and teenagers about jungle adventures , concerning an expedition looking for a person who has presumably crashed somewhere in the Amazon . It belongs to ¨Jungle Girl¨ sub-genre that includes titles as “Golden Goddess of Rio Beni” by Eugenio Martin , “Kong in the lost jungle” or ¨Eva, La Venere Selvaggia¨ by Roberto Mauri , ¨Samoa , Queen of the Jungle¨ by Guido Malatesta , “Tarzana the Wild Girl” by James Read , “The Jungle Goddess” by Miguel Iglesias and ¨Sheena¨ by John Guillermin . All of them starred by sexpot , wonderful women as Gilliam Hills , Esmeralda Barros , Eva Miller , Femi Benussi , Tanya Roberts and Gina Lee Nolin as TV Sheena . It stars the beautiful Celeste Yarnall who has a decent cinematic career , including titles as ¨Born Yesterday¨, ¨Midnight kiss¨, ¨Scorpio¨, and ¨The Velvet Vampire¨ . Being a Spanish/Brit co-production here appears some notorious Spanish secondaries such as José María Caffarel , Ricardo Díaz and the Mexican Rosana Monteros who played in ¨The Magnificent Seven¨ . In addition , there shows up the prestigious American secondary Fred Clark and the Austrian Maria Rohm , married to producer Harry Allan Towers . This thrilling film packs adventures , emotion , fights and marvelous scenes from deep rainy forest that generate a lot of surprises and illusion . One of the most amazing entertaining film ever produced in the 6os dealing with Amazon adventures . This exciting film contains thrills , emotion , hard-boiled characters , adventure and action scenes of infighting between violent tribes that generate a lot of entertainment . It is a simple and predictable adventure spectacle , ordinarily directed by a British craftsman , Jeremy Summers .

Colorful cinematography filmed by Manuel Merino , Jess Frank’s regular , though a perfect remastering is really necessary . Shot on location in Aranjuez, Madrid , Monasterio de Piedra where was filmed the falls scenes , Nuévalos, Zaragoza, Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range , La Pedriza , Madrid, and some brief scenes in Brazil . Enough Budget for a multi-country production formed by Ada Films , Harold Goldman Associates , Hispamer Film and Towers of London Productions/Harry Alan Towers . The motion picture was regularly directed by Jeremy Summers , and direction assistant Robert Lynn , but it has some flaws and gaps . Jeremy Summers is a good professional filmmaking from the 6os , though sparsely scattered and giving various entertaining as well as commercial films, specially known for his thrillers as ¨Danger MXB (81) , Five Golden Dragons¨(67) , ¨The Ghost of Monk’s Island¨ (1967) ¨The house of 1000 dolls¨(67) and ¨Vengeance of Fu Manchu