‘It Came!’

One comic book this summer is embracing groovy aliens, British culture and B-movie awesomeness.

On Aug. 7, Titan Comics debuts It Came!, a new four-issue miniseries by Dan Boultwood (Hope Falls) that takes the monsters, mayhem and mischief of yesteryear cinema and plops that quirky charm on a page for those who grew up with those low-budget movies such as It Came From Outer Space or youngsters who came to them later through Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Titan has even crafted a trailer for the upcoming comic that sheds a little light on its retro tone.

Space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his gal pal Doris Night stop at a village pub in the British countryside for a bite to eat, and when they exit they run into Grurk, a powerful outer-space robot roaming the area in order to siphon off energy from the townsfolk.

“It Came! can be summed up by calling it a 1950s comedy B-movie pastiche from a studio that never was. Which, coincidentally, is also how I sum up my everyday life, but with less giant space robots. Only a little less, mind you,” Boultwood said.

The series will be available in comic shops and through various digital platforms and devices through Comixology.